24, from Indonesia.
Monbukagakusho Awardee 2011, majoring in Animation.
Currently studying Communication Science in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Presently residing with her white Maine Coon mix cat named Yuki and her family in Bekasi, Indonesia.


Hi, my name is Yuki, nice to meet you *wink*

Through my blog, I share situations or things that make me emotionally triggered. From the sublime to the ridiculous including the challenges faced due to language or cultural misunderstandings of life. In short, this blog is mostly about my life.

My hobbies include: mostly drawing, painting, writing, traveling, playing games, running, reading and cooking/baking. Self-proclaimed Food Enthusiast and Autobiographical Netizen.

Art & design • books • food • games • illustration • language learning • music • travel • TV shows & movies • pets (mostly my cat, Yuki) • photography

Dislikes ✧
Cigarette • crowds • idol group • insecure and pushy people • old man • tax (not gonna lie)

You can speak to me in three languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Japanese 日本語おk
Unless otherwise stated, most of the photos posted on this blog are mine.
Reach me:

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