Why your ad should be here


As you can see, my blog is not the kind of blog that gets a zillion page views but somehow has it’s own special kind of readers so yeah why don’t you advertise here?

Rates for fathyarachmani.com are:

  • Starting from $10 or IDR 100k a month for text ads for bloggers/artists/writers/etc. Price might vary.
  • $50 or IDR 500k a month for text ads for businesses.
  • Starting from $50 or IDR 500k for monthly graphic ads.
    *T&C may apply

You’ll be sorry if you don’t so hit me up anytime *wink *WINK


Oh, and I reserve the right to not advertise companies that are downright wrong, illegal, or morally questionable so keep that in mind before asking me. Thank you for reading and let me know if you’re interested.