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Reality Check Ahead

Hello there citizens of humanity, so excited to be back in the Blogosphere! #sokasik

Lately I’ve been into interior design and bought a book which was kind of like “Interior Design for Dummies” and got so excited I actually start cleaning my room.

Which, I consider one of the greatest achievement in history of counterattacking laziness. Yay me.

And while I was looking through old stuff, my old drawings reminds me of ze good old days reading drawing tutorials and ¥¥¥s spent on pencils. And the sweet right hand muscle training. Priceless. Anyway, since I believe knowledge sharing is crucial in order to be able to develop skills and competences, increase value, and sustain competitive advantages, allow me to be your teacher and your guide and your angel for today. 

Sincerely, Fathya Rachmani.

Okay, my main theme for this post is actually more on learning how to see, I learned that learning how to draw is actually learning how to see. So for those having difficulty on understanding, this is how I (used to) train my brain (I learned it from learning how to draw realism art):

condescending wonka

It’s like when you take a picture of an object, let’s say an apple. When you have both your eyes open, the apple is 3D and your scumbag brain is basically confused the perspective and lighting for you to perceive it as 3D. But when you take the picture and print it out, you can then finally focus on the silhouette, lighting, contour, shape of the apple.

Hang a drawing UPSIDE-DOWN and it’ll be even easier to draw/sketch it because you will be 100% focusing on the actual shape of the drawing rather than what your (untrained) brain thinks it looks like.

Upside-down drawing is one where you can easily “disassociate any ideas about an object you have and see it as pure visual information.”

Need to draw more of this kind of drawing. This was made a year ago.
Need to draw more of this kind of drawing. This was made a year ago.

I guess it’s kind of like Ayn Rand’s Objectivism but it’s more on the artsy side. I don’t even know what I just typed.

You’re welcome.