Celebrating 3 Years in Japan

Everyone loves a cheesy anniversary post right? Though I forgot the exact date, but this April marks three years of me setting my giant foot in the Land of the Rising Sun; Japan!


So many things happened in three years. I still remember back in Indonesia, December 2010. I was at friend’s house, chilling like a boss, suddenly got a message from Dad telling me that the Japanese embassy tried to call my phone but no answer.

My first reaction was;

“Oh shi- did I do something wrong?”

But then he explained I got the 3 years scholarship to Japan.

And then I was like;

“Oh shi- is this even real? Three years leaving Indonesia?”

It was real. I left me homeland at the tender age of 18 years old and have been traveling ever since. #YOLO


Three years wandering in Japan, I’ve found so many things. Here, let me make a poem out of it.

From friends to love.
From foods to historical places.
From adventure to experience.
From spoiled brat to puberty.

“mm mm yeah I have no regrets.”

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