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Obligatory “It’s Been Three Years” Post

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lol maybe it’s nothing compare to thousands of blogs out there, but I made this blog not for that purpose. Anyway, I’m so glad I didn’t give up on writing. Maybe this is the least I could do to bring, umm, humanity back to our stuff.

Blogging = Creative Modern Diary = Modern Literature
So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading my blog entries, no matter who you are!


Monthly Challenge

Bloggers For Peace

Though this is actually a Monthly Peace Challenge, but I know myself well enough to know that lack of diligence will get in the way so I will post only when I remember.

Here we go, spreading love and cookies!

I'm starting to think to wear this hat and this glasses as my trademark for my alter ego as a blogger. What do you think?
Excuse my hat, big glasses and duck face. It’s a new trademark for my blogger/writer alter ego. What do you think?

This month, the theme is to come up with a peace of mantra of sorts: What one thought will you focus on this year to bring more peace?

Hmm, this is a tough one. I mean, a have so many good mantras it’s hard to pick the best one. Let me think about it.


Okay, I guess I’d say:

adj [C1728; origin: Indonesian word. see: SELOW]
1. take things easy
2. relax
3. keep calm
4. everybody be cool

Here’s why.

I used to be a very anxious person. You know, the one with excessive worrying, rumining and fear about future uncertainties either based on real or imagined events. BUT NOT ANYMORE. All thanks to this magic mantra.

Maybe there are some people out there who enjoy being anxious and if you’re one of those people, be my guest. I hate anxiety attack. I can’t concentrate, would not be able to think of my words, and my thoughts would be horribly disorganized. Result: extreme headache and exhaustion.

But now I know how to deal with it. So whenever the anxiety creep up, I’d say to my self.

ain’t this sassy, brassy, and classy?

Inner Peace.

It’s like a quick stress relieve that I highly recommend. Trust me it works, I speak from experience.

Anyway, I think it’s best if I use someone else’s words besides my own (see above), since so many amazing people have said it better than I could. There are a billion awesome quotes about peace out there. But personally the best one is this.

Without further ado, I present my quote for peace in 2014:

peaceOver and out ;)

This post is part of Bloggers For Peace.
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Kopi di Hari Orang Dewasa

Tanggal merah di negeri matahari terbit

Hari Orang Dewasa

Selamat pagi

Secangkir kopi telah saja kutelan

Bukan cangkirnya

Tapi kopinya

Harganya senilai uang sakuku semasa SMA

Piring cangkirnya putih bergelimang cahaya mentari

Duileh mentari



Gelasnya seperti gelas

G + E = GE

L + A = LA




Eh, apa ini mug ya?

Noda bekasnya mirip benua Asia

Benuanuanua Asiasiasia

Beli secangkir lagi ah